Eight projects in our city are included in the provincial technical reform key
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Recently, the Provincial Economic and Information Committee announced the “2015 Zhejiang Province Technical Transformation Key Project Plan”. A total of 8 projects in the city were identified as provincial key projects, accounting for 36.4% of the total city of Lishui, and the number of projects reached a record high.This batch of projects includes the “machine substitution” demonstration project of Santian Compressor, Guojing Pharmaceutical, Hengxiang Toys, etc., the strategic emerging industry project of Zhejiang Biomass Power Generation Company, and Songxin, Donglong, Innovation, Zhejiang DelKey technology transformation projects of four companies including Wei Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.From the perspective of industrial distribution, the project is mainly concentrated in the manufacturing industry, and four of them are automobile and parts industry projects, which fully reflects the policy orientation of the city to support the development of high-end manufacturing.Zhejiang Songxin Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of aluminum heat exchanger products for various brands of cars at home and abroad. It is a provincial high-tech enterprise and undertakes the Torch Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology.In 2014, the company invested more than 13 million yuan to build a public inspection platform for automotive air-conditioning components. The platform consists of four parts: R&D and design center, inspection and analysis center, physical display center and new technology promotion center.It has provided strong support for clustering SMEs' service needs and improving their independent innovation capabilities.Zhejiang Donglong Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional bamboo and wood building formwork manufacturer, which is invested and built by Zhejiang Haitian Construction Group in our city.In 2014, the company invested 120 million yuan to produce 1 million new energy-saving and environmentally friendly bamboo-wood mixed laminating formwork production line projects. The first phase has been completed and put into production, and it is estimated that the annual sales income will be more than 80 million yuan.According to the relevant staff of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau, the shortage of labor and the rising cost are the most important driving force for enterprises to implement technological transformation. In order to promote the technological transformation and investment in equipment, the city has introduced “Deepening in 2014”."Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Eco-Industry in a Strong City Strategy", clarifying the policy of supporting 6-8% of the actual investment amount of the project, this year's industrial development support policy is still being revised, and plans to further increase the enterpriseSupport for investment in technological transformation projects.It is reported that the province's key projects listed this year have a large industrial relevance, strong driving force and high technology content, which will effectively promote the city's industrial investment, greatly enhance the city's industrial level, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the city's industrial economy.